mapOur Community

The community of Inverness is located in the western part of Marin County, California, on the west shore of Tomales Bay. It is bounded on the north by Tomales Bay State Park, on the west and south by Point Reyes National Seashore, and on the east by Tomales Bay.

Our Services

The Inverness Public Utility District (IPUD) was formed in 1948 under the California Public Utilities Code. IPUD provides fire protection and municipal water service to the unincorporated community of Inverness. The Fire Department’s service area is the same as the water system’s. Additional, IPUD has a Mutual Aid Agreement with Marin County Fire.

Local Accountability and Governance

The District is a relatively compact organization, which enhances the ability of the public to participate in its activities. The Board of Directors is elected by and accountable to the voters who reside in the District.