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Marin County Emergency Services

A portal to information for all emergency response activities and resources for the County of Marin.

Marin County Fire Department

Includes Alerts (fire level danger), Facebook posts, latest Tweets and videos; CPR classes; defensible space flyer; near-live public images from fire lookouts on Mt. Tam, Mt. Barnabe, Big Rock, Point Reyes Hill; and more.

Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority (MWPA)

The Joint Powers Authority created by Measure C. 

Wildfires are bigger, burn longer, cause more damage, and kill more people than ever before. This new reality requires greatly expanding prevention, preparedness, and fuel-reduction efforts throughout Marin. The Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority (MWPA) is a coalition of local fire agencies, emergency service providers, and cities, towns, and county government being formed to support the development and implementation of a comprehensive wildfire prevention and emergency preparedness initiative.

Inverness Disaster Council

Inverness Disaster Council Maps.pdfIDC Emergency Resource Printable July 2023.pdf


FIRESafe Marin

A network of government, fire-safety, private organizations and individuals working to reduce wildland fire hazards and improve fire safety in Marin. Check this for FIRESafe’s news updates & sign up for the Newsletter.

Marin County Sheriff Office of Emergency Services

Telephone alerts

Telephone alert system to deliver incident-specific information or potentially life-saving instruction to precise geographic area(s) affected. This includes evacuations.Landlines, unlisted/blocked numbers already listed. You must register your cell phones and VoiP to receive alerts: Self-register 5 addresses on cell phones or VoiP (Voice over internet Protocol) for calls, text, email or smart phone apps if you’re out of Marin. For more information on how to configure your cell phones, such as being sure Wireless Emergency Alerts are On in your settings, go to FIRESafe Marin Evacuation Planning.

Marin Medical Reserve Corps

Trains and deploys medical volunteers who supplement professional emergency response to a disaster or other public health need in Marin. MMRC is a nationally recognized volunteer service organization. Website includes MMRC application.

Marin Humane Society

The Disaster Preparedness information on our Animal Safety page is from MHS. On its website, click on the Resources tab, then Disaster Preparedness. MHS’s website also has a lost-pet registration and search database.

American Red Cross

Local chapter of the national organization. New August 2017: Get a free installation of a 10-year home smoke alarm via ARC’s Northern California Coastal Home Fire Campaign. For details and to request alarms in all the recommended areas of your home, go to:

US Dept. of Labor

Emergency preparedness for individuals with disabilities.


The U.S. Small Business Administration website on Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Recovery. Includes various checklists such as Emergency Communications, Recovery Overview, Disaster Recovery Kit, and more. Also information on Disaster Assistance.

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