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Forms & Applications

AUTOPAY:  The District has an AutoPay  method for paying your water bills.  With our AutoPay automatic payment program, you authorize us to prepare for you a one-time virtual check in the amount of each water bill.  On the payment due date, as indicated on your water bill, the amount you owe is paid electronically from your bank account using the same ACH interbanking system that transfers funds when the bank processes a paper check that you have written.  The majority of our customers have already made the switch to an electronic format to pay their Inverness water bill.  And, not a single one of those payments has been lost or mishandled.  Additional information and application form is at:

AutoPay application

SERVICE DISCONTINUATION POLICY: The following provisions constitute the District’s policy on discontinuation of residential water service for nonpayment, pursuant to Sec. 116906 of the Health and Safety Code of the State of California: 

Inverness PUD Service Discontinuation Policy.pdf


LIFELINE PARTICIPATION:  The District encourages those customers with financial difficulties to apply for LifeLine rates to help them meet their financial obligations.  

Lifeline participation criteria.pdf



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