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Fire Safe Marin Online Presentation on Embers - Correction

Fire Safe Marin

Correction: The Day is TUESDAY, not Monday, but it is on the 7th of November. 


What: An online event sponsored by Fire Wise Inverness, a project of the Inverness Foundation and supported by the Inverness Public Utility District. 

When: On Tuesday, November 7th at 7:30 pm, Fire Safe Marin will provide a half-hour online presentation for Inverness and neighboring areas regarding embers, which are the most common cause of home ignition. Embers can travel on the wind for many miles, and range in size from tiny to several square feet!  Although they are highly dangerous, their threat can be easily controlled. 

Learn fire mitigation applications and strategies on how you can protect your property from wildfire.  After the presentation, questions from participants will be fielded by Fire Safe Marin personnel. 

How: Click on the Zoom link below:  

**Due to Zoom limitations, the meeting is limited to the first 100 people who join.   

Questions? Contact


Shelley Redding 

General Manager 


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