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Chipper Days Update and Water Shortage Reminder

Update on Chipper Days:

FIRESafe Marin was impressed with the number of Inverness community members who responded to the Chipper Days announcement. Unfortunately, we failed to provide the date that sign-ups would open, which is March 15th. So, mark your calendar to access the FIRESafe Marin website on March 15th or after, to pre-register.


Water Shortage Emergency:

If you are an Inverness Water System Customer, please keep in mind that we are still in a Stage 2 Water Shortage Emergency, with all the restrictions still in place. If you need to review the Water Shortage Emergency Regulation 117, and the full definitions of the restrictions, they are on our website here. We may consider issuance of a permit for some essential water use if conditions allow. Please contact the office before starting your project, or you may face fines.

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