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Flume FAQs and Details


…and participate in IPUD’s Usage Monitoring and Leak Detection Program

First, read through the “FAQs and Details” below.

Then, go to and click on GET OFFER.

FAQs and Details

  •  Your final cost to acquire a Flume Smart Water System and to participate in IPUD’s program will be $85 (plus tax and shipping) after a $25 rebate from your original purchase price of $110 (plus tax and shipping). The $25 rebate from IPUD will be posted to your credit card account automatically when you install and activate your Flume system. (The regular retail price of a Flume system is $199, plus tax and shipping, for a total of approximately $230).
  • A Flume unit purchased under this special IPUD program can be used only at the property within the IPUD service area for which is it registered. An IPUD-provided Flume unit will not activate if installed outside the District’s service area.
  •  You must have Wi-Fi available at your Inverness house. 
  •  Flume communicates with an app on a smart phone (iOS or Android) or a tablet.
  • This offer is non-transferable; the provided Flume sensor must be installed on the water meter that serves the property for which it was registered.
  • If you vacate your Inverness property and wish to take your Flume system with you, you must reimburse IPUD for the subsidy you received when you purchased the unit. IPUD will then release your unit from its program, which will enable you to register it with Flume for use at an address outside the IPUD service area.
  • You must install the Flume sensor within 30 days of the date it is received by you.
  • It is assumed that you are physically able to install the Flume Water Sensor on your water meter, which may require bending over the in-ground meter box and working with your home Wi-Fi system. IPUD will provide reasonable assistance on request.
  • By accepting the Participation Agreement, you grant permission to Flume to share water usage data with IPUD.  
  • You are expected to leave the Flume system in place for one year.
  • The customer is responsible for replacing the batteries in the Flume sensor when they wear out. The installed battery pack has an estimated life of up to 1 year (a low-battery warning will be sent to the Flume app on your cell phone).
  • The Flume sensor can be used only on standard residential-sized water meters (up to 1-inch in size). This program is not available to IPUD customers connected with a larger meter (only two of IPUD’s active residential customers have meters larger than 1-inch).
  • If you are a nonresidential customer served by a 1-inch or smaller meter, you may participate; nonresidential customers with a larger-sized meter are not eligible to participate at this time (this may change in the future).
  • The Flume sensor will not work on some older meters. If you have such a meter and you want to participate, IPUD will replace the meter (at no cost to you).
  • If your meter is more than 500 feet from your house, there may be wireless connectivity issues that will affect Flume’s functionality.
  • ·       If your service includes a pump and pressure tank between the meter and the house, there may be some loss of Flume functionality.
  • If IPUD water flows directly from the District’s water meter to a private storage tank on your property and then into your household’s plumbing system, installation of a Flume device is not recommended.
  • Already have a Flume unit that you purchased yourself? You can join your neighbors and become part IPUD’s Flume program by signing a Participation Agreement (we’ll even refund you a portion of what you paid for your Flume unit!).
  • Participation will require that you accept a Customer Participation Agreement with Inverness Public Utility District Inverness Participation Agreement and an End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) with Flume.

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