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Inverness Association (I.A.) Measure O Informational Forum Announced


Measure O Informational Forum

This coming Monday - September 19 at 7 PM, at the Main Room of the Dance Palace, the Inverness Association will host an informational forum about Measure O: INCREASED FIRE PREVENTION AND CONTROL AND WATER SUPPLY. This initiative is on the ballot of the Nov. 8, 2022 General Election in the Inverness Public Utility District (IPUD) service area.  Masks will be required.  

Panelists will include Jerry Meral, author of the initiative Measure O, Ken Emanuels, President of the IPUD Board, Tom Gaman, local resident and Registered Professional Forester, and Jordan Reeser, Captain - Marin County Fire, who is familiar with local defensible space and home hardening evaluations/inspections, grant applications for their remediation, and other functions of the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority (MWPA).

Questions from the audience will be submitted on 3x5” cards for moderator, Mark Switzer, to ask the panelists.

Information about MWPA is available at link here, as their representatives are unable to attend.

The forum will also be available at the same time on Zoom on the following link:

Questions for the panelists submitted in the Chat function of Zoom will be transcribed and then asked by the moderator. 

Questions for the panelists can also be submitted in advance or any other questions about this forum addressed via email to:

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