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Inverness Water Shortage Continues; COVID rate relief

Inverness water shortage continues

Customers of the Inverness Water System are urged to continue minimizing water usage. While we are in a stable period right now, with customer usage running just about even with our source flows on the Inverness Ridge, the outlook for the coming months is not very encouraging.

Rainfall since July 1 has been ominously low. As of January 31, we’ve recorded only 10.2 inches of rain this winter, which is less than half the 90-year average of 22 inches for the first 7 months of the rainfall year.

If this pattern continues, we will be heading into a second consecutive drought year. Last year’s total of 23.1 inches was just 61% of our full-year normal of 37.6 inches.

We could still get significant rain this winter. But if that doesn’t happen, we can expect to see stringent usage restrictions coming into effect by summer – if not before that.

Please be warned of the looming possibility that we may not be able to provide water for irrigation and landscaping later on in the year.

Covid rate relief

Have you fallen behind in paying your Inverness water bill? And was the reason a loss of income due to the Covid-19 pandemic? The IPUD Board of Directors has adopted an emergency Lifeline program that may help customers who find themselves in this situation. Please call us at (415) 669-1414 for details. 

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