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IPUD Summer Newsletter

Inverness Public Utility District Summer Newsletter


Water Usage Restrictions Remain in Effect: Stage 1 and Stage 2 restrictions on use of System water are still in effect. The most important of these is that the water may not be used outdoors except by hand-held hose. 

  • Irrigation systems, timer-controlled devices, drip systems, sprinklers (manual or automatic), etc., must be shut off. Gardens and landscaping may be watered by hand only.
  •  IPUD permit is required to fill private water storage tanks, power-wash buildings, or fill swimming pools.

Indoors, there are no restrictions on ordinary domestic use of water, although we trust that you are conserving water as much as is reasonably possible and are not wasting water.

The Outlook for the Summer and Fall

As we head into the warm-weather months, we are optimistic about getting through this year without having to ration water because streamflows are running a bit stronger this year than they were at this point last year.

We made it through last year (2021) without having to ration water because you, our customers, cut usage by an amazing 55% from what you used the previous year (2020) – which was also a drought year during which you had already begun practicing water conservation.

The question this summer and fall is the weather. One reason we squeaked by last year was that it was a mild summer. NOAA has indicated that this year is looking like another La Niña event, which means a likelihood of colder temperatures, more wind, and below-average rainfall. It’s important to understand that when the weather warms up and we don’t get incoming fog, the amount of water flowing in our stream sources drops precipitously (in part because the flora in the watershed takes first crack at what water is available).

There is a good chance that we can get through this year without resorting to draconian measures if we all continue to conserve water as we’ve become accustomed to doing over the past two years. However, we are prepared to institute rationing if it becomes necessary.


Defensible Space Inspections

Defensible space inspectors from the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority are scheduled to be in Inverness in the coming days.

  •  If your property was inspected last year, you probably won’t see them again this year.
  •  We must all do our part by paying attention to the inspectors’ professional advice and taking seriously the critical importance of reducing our individual exposure to the risk of wildfire in Inverness.

Chipper Days

This year’s free Chipper Days in Inverness are July 11 and October 10. Learn more or reserve a spot by going to (click on Resident info, then Chipper Days). The July 11 date is already wait-listed, but you can sign up now for October 11.

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