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July 9th Weekend Water Watch


Here’s our water shortage outlook for this July 9-12 weekend – and our appreciative feedback on how well you did last weekend over the Fourth of July holiday.

Today it looks like we’re entering a sunny and gorgeous, tourism-attracting weekend with highs in the low ‘70s. Coupled with triple-digit highs elsewhere throughout the Bay Area, those are the ingredients for straining the water system.

We’re asking that you continue to moderate your water usage. Please cut back on outdoor watering especially. As much as possible, defer outdoor watering until the middle of next week.

We’re going to see if we can slip through this weekend without any formal restrictions in effect. Instead, we’re going to rely on your common sense and community spirit to keep usage under control.

Your response last weekend was marvelous! We even saw just enough of a surplus on water availability that for the first time in a while we managed by mid-week to get all the tanks topped up.

Last week’s experience makes us a bit more optimistic that we might – just might! – be able to stave off rationing until winter rains arrive. Couple of big assumptions there: that we really can make it all the way through summer and fall without having to impose the nuclear option of rationing, and that there actually will be winter rains!

Thank you for all your cooperation, helpful suggestions, and support (and for all the water you’re NOT using!)

--Your Water System and District staff (Jim, Ken, Jeff, Jacob, Shelley, Wade, Kaaren)

   …and Your IPUD Board of Directors (Ken, Dakota, Kathryn, Brent, David)


P.S. Watch for our big announcement coming this week about the launch of our Flume program to provide our customers with smart real-time water usage monitoring and leak detection. 

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