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Voter Guide for Inverness Measures on Nov.8 Ballot


Voter Guide for Inverness Measures on Nov.8 Ballot

We know that many of you who vote in the Inverness Public Utility District are wondering why you have not yet received your county voter guide with information about the two IPUD measures on the November 8 ballot (Measures O and P).

The Registrar of Voters has informed us that a glitch at the vendor who prints the guides has delayed their distribution. They acknowledge that the guides should have been mailed to voters before the ballots were sent out, but that didn’t happen. As of this moment, the elections office is unable to tell us when they will be mailed.

However, we have posted on our IPUD website the information on Measures O and P that you will find in the guide whenever it finally reaches your mailbox. Please use the links below to access the PDFs we have put together for Measures O and P.

WE URGE YOU to wait to fill out your ballot until you have had a chance to read the descriptions of the two measures and the arguments submitted in favor and opposed to them. You can do that either by clicking the links below or by waiting until your county voter guide arrives (within a week, we hope).

MEASURE O GUIDE (Initiative Parcel Tax)

MEASURE P GUIDE (Appropriations Limit Override)

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