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It is with great relief and appreciation that we report to you that a 16% reduction in demand for water in recent days has enabled us to get our tanks in much better shape than they were last week. We’re not getting full up, but we are managing to keep the tank levels at close to 75%.

This is good news for the moment, but remember that the streamflows continue to drop a bit each day as the weather warms up and we get further into the dry season. Customer demand that we can handle today won’t be manageable just a few days from now. We ask you to keep looking for ways you can economize on your water usage. We also remind you that outdoor watering using anything other than a watering can or a hand-held hose is now prohibited (let us know if you see someone who doesn’t seem to have gotten this message).


WATER RATIONING SURVEY. If you haven’t done so, please complete and return the Water Rationing Survey right away (you can download it from our website, WARNING: If rationing is activated and you have not returned the Survey, you will be assigned the default basic water allocation, which assumes that the water meter serves no full-time residents.

PUBLIC HEARING ON WATER RATIONING. On Wednesday, August 25, 9 a.m., the IPUD Board of Directors will hold a public hearing on activating water rationing. This meeting will be by teleconferencing. Instructions on how to participate by Zoom or by telephone will be provided on the meeting Agenda, which will be posted on our website ( on Friday, August 20. Details of the rationing proposal will also be made available on the website on August 20. The Board solicits public comment on this important matter.

FLUME PROGRAM. The Flume real-time water monitoring and leak detection units are going fast. Over half the units reserved for our customers at the special low price of $85 have already been claimed (the normal price is $199). Don’t get left out; order yours today. Select the tab “New! Flume Program” on our website.


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