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 Today, Wednesday, August 4, is the third day outdoor watering has been restricted in Inverness – AND THE WATER LEVEL IN OUR TANKS IS PLUMMETING EVEN FASTER THAN IT WAS A WEEK AGO!

What gives?

We know that most of our customers understand how dire the situation is and are cooperating to the fullest. But obviously there are some folks who aren’t paying attention or don’t believe the water shortage is real or just don’t care (are these the ones who are removing our water conservation signs?)!

The last thing we want to do is become the “water cops.” But we’re being pushed to take decisive action to ensure that the limited water we have is shared equitably among all our customers and not grabbed off by a few to everyone else’s detriment.

To repeat the core message: Only spot watering using a hand-held hose or a watering can is permitted outdoors at this time. The following devices MAY NOT BE USED and MUST BE TURNED OFF:       

·         Outdoor sprinklers

·         Drip systems

·         Irrigation systems

·         Automated watering devices

·         Timer-controlled watering systems

Use of water for washing vehicles is also prohibited.

Violations of our water conservation rules can be prosecuted as misdemeanors.

Water Rationing

Water System staff will recommend at the next meeting of the IPUD Board of Directors, on Wednesday, August 25, 2021, that water rationing be put into effect. You can read the notice, see the details, and learn how you can participate by clicking here.

Water Rationing Survey

If rationing is declared, we anticipate that each residential meter will be allocated a basic daily allotment of water plus an additional daily allotment for each full-time occupant. To do that, we need to know how many people are in residence full-time at each service property. A survey to obtain that information has been mailed to every customer of record. You should read the accompanying instructions and complete and return the survey as soon as possible. We even provided a postage-paid return envelope.

If you missed the survey, of if you need to update a survey you already submitted, you can find it on our website by clicking here.    

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