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Flume Program

A peek at IPUD’s forthcoming


(...and how you can get in on it in advance!)

We’re pleased to announce that IPUD is preparing a program for real-time monitoring of household water use and receipt of leak alerts. Exactly what you’ll need in the event we have to cope with water rationing!

Authorized by IPUD’s Board of Directors, this special program will provide each participating household with a “Flume 2 Smart Home Water Monitor.” Flume’s state-of-the-art sensor relays water usage data in real-time from your meter to a small device in your house that uses your Wi-Fi network to connect to an app on your smart phone.

Use your smart phone to monitor your water usage. Check how much water you are using at any  moment, as well as by day, week, month, billing period, etc. Measure the amount of water used by various devices, such as your dish washer, washing machine, or drip system (or that person who takes 20-minute showers!). Set up a household water usage budget and let Flume warn you when you are about to go over budget.

Importantly, Flume sends an alert to your phone whenever it detects a leak or excessive water flow.

The Flume sensor straps easily onto your water meter without any plumbing work needed.

IPUD’s exclusive program will be available by subscription at a projected one-time cost of $100 – less than half the cost of buying a Flume setup yourself at the retail price of $199.00 (plus tax and shipping).

We’re taking reservations now for IPUD customers interested in participating (so we can determine how many Flume units to order).

Reserving your participation at this time does not obligate you, but if you reserve now you will be sure to receive a Flume unit just as soon as the program rolls out.

Please click the link below for FAQs, details, and instructions for reserving your place in this innovative IPUD program. Don’t get left out. Sign up NOW!


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